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Shapes Mac and Cheese

      When I was a little kid my lunch usually consisted of mac and cheese, apple sauce, and hot dogs.  It didn’t take long for my friends and I to realize that sometimes lunch was a lot better some days than other days.  Krafts Macorini and cheese in shapes is way better than any other mac and cheese, something I think most college students would agree with, the question is why.  Is it the fact that eating little people made of pasta makes us feel like giants, probably not.  Is it because the cheese is able to absorb into the pasta perfectly due to the well placed holes, more likely.  But the biggest reasons I think people prefer shapes is because even when were not kids in makes us feel like we are.  Each bite is a memory of being a kid and its acceptable to eat, people can’t go around eating baby food but they can eat mac and cheese.  And when were kids it’s the best because we are kids and sometimes we like to be reminded of it.  Not to mention it was awesome to pick out which character you were going to consume this week. Maybe none of those things are the reasons that the shapes are so good, all I know is I’m super excited to eat scooby doo mac and cheese for lunch and I’m not so excited to eat the normal mac and cheese that has been sitting in my cabinet for years.

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